Wednesday, 21 May 2008

MPs and Science...don'cha loveit?

Listening to our MPs debate science issues in the House of Commons is always entertaining. A couple of days ago an MP opened the Human Fertilisation and Embryology debate with the statement that humans should not be mixed with the animal kingdom.

Now, I'm no expert on Linnaen classification but I figure it's already a few hundred million years too late for that.

The abortion upper time limit debate was similarly inept and ill-informed. Clearly the majority of the house think that one can count "one anecdote, two anecdotes, three data". Watching MPs debate scientific issues is like watching a one year old play with the television remote. It may appear to do something almost intelligent. It might even stop at a result which pleases it. But one cannot in any way ascribe intelligence and reason to the process.

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Anonymous said...

Well... at least there are well versed (and well paid) advisory bodies.

Oh wait, the prime minister's whims trump all.