Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Homeopathy - nothing to prove

New Scientist reports that Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst have offered a cash prize to anyone who can prove that homeopathy works. Then then report Steve Scrutton of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths as saying ""We have nothing to prove"

Well I really could not have put it better myself...

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Bryant Tan said...

Fairly recently SPS ScepSoc (the Sceptic Society) and MedSoc (Medical Society) invited a homeopath to talk. Minutes were (to some extent) taken so here they are, more or less:


Sceptic Soc and Med Soc Homeopathy
Dr Brian Kaplan (Harley St Homeopath)

He is a medical doctor and Homeopathy is one of his tools like surgery etc, and only used when appropriate.

At 16 in South Africa he decided he wanted to be a doctor, because his GP was a nice 'uncle' and he admired him. He had to get really good results in Science and Maths (all A's).

When he got to Medi-School, it was all science. He was trained to look at people's names and who they were, but the training was programming him to think mechanically. While the doctors were looking at a human they decided they were looking at a machine that, like all machines, needs engineering e.g. medicine and surgery.

After 6 years of study he started relating to patients. One day in the ward he came across a man with asthma and he was in a sorry state, wheezing, panting etc. The doctors moved on and when they looked back his asthma had gone away. When he noticed they were looking again it got worse. He wondered what was making this happen and thought relating to patients rather than treating them like machines was a better idea.

Homeopathy prescribes a prescription for ALL aspects of his life. He did a six-month course in Homeopathy. Homeopathy delivered a human source of doctoring.

[Anecdote (for evidence for homeopathy) about a woman who took the wrong homeopathic remedy for several weeks and noticed a difference without knowing it was the wrong solution]

30% of people in the UK believe in homeopathy: what he described as a 'large majority'

Uses of Homeopathy:

1) TEETH (Tried Everything Else Try Homeopathy)

2) To stimulate the body to heal itself (holistic impulse)

3) If there is risk of irreversible damage, there is no time for Homeopathy

4) Use the Homeopathy first in less serious cases.

He thinks it is more than just a placebo.